Exterior Signs

Channel Letters

Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated solutions.

Channel letters are perfect for corporate imaging and business professionals. Our non-illuminated channel letters provide an upscale look without the added cost of illumination. Universal Sign System’s channel letters come in a wide variety of mounting options, colors, dimensions, font and depth. Our non-illuminated channel letters are individually fabricated to create a unique and effective branding impact for your organization

Illuminated channel letters are one of the most popular brand recognition tools available to properly market and identify your business. Whether you choose from our face-lit, halo-lit or back-lit lighting variations, our precisely designed channel letterings accepts all weather and environmental conditions. Our aluminum welded channel letters, with L.E.D. illumination, offers a highly efficient and modern lighting approach. Although most modern lighting methods utilize L.E.D.’s, classic neon tubing and fluorescent tube lighting are still options regularly used for maximum exposure to your establishment.