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Universal Sign Systems provides all services needed to meet the unique demands of patients, staff and visitors to your healthcare facility. Our ADA compliant signs will navigate individuals through your facility with clear, consistent directional signage. We consult with you to create architectural signage that is welcoming, visually appealing and efficient so that important areas are identified quickly. Universal Sign Systems can help secure an attractive sign system that represents your hospital’s brand in an appropriate manner.

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Office & Corporate

Universal Sign Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in creating professional office and corporate signage. Our interior and exterior sign systems include ADA compliant signage, directional & wayfinding signs and corporate identity signage. We will not only make customers aware of your business, but we will also reinforce and enhance your company’s brand. Public perception is an important aspect to any business, and Universal Sign Systems can help you create an impactful sign system for current and prospective clients.

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University & Campus

Universal Sign System will create an effective network of interior and exterior signage for any university or campus. We will provide a clear understanding and visual consistency of the physical environment for visitors, residents and staff. We will work with you to express your university’s unique identity to create a lasting architectural sign system.

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Banking & Finance

Universal Sign Systems has revitalized and rebranded numerous financial institutions. Our imaging, branding and design team can satisfy all signage requests. From ATM Kiosks to exterior wayfinding systems, we provide banking establishments a distinct identity and image. Universal Sign Systems performs permitting procedures and detailed site surveys for multiple financial institutional locations, so that each branch is appropriately identified for patrons. We streamline the sign design and installation process to establish an architectural sign system that is professional and exclusive to your institution.

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Further enhance your government facility with Universal Sign Systems durable, custom-made signage. We are committed to delivering quality signage that clearly identifies government organizations and agencies. We monitor every stage of the sign procurement process to make sure we are providing your agency with appropriate regulatory, wayfinding, and ADA compliant sign systems.

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Restaurant & Retail

Draw attention to your business and create a solid customer base. Universal Sign Systems will showcase your company with distinctive signage that embodies your brand. Add value and continue to build your business with a conspicuous Pylon sign, or a simple, yet effective monument sign. The Universal team will assist you in attracting customers with custom made illuminated channel letters to increase your visibility to passing pedestrians and motorists. Our creative signs will help advertise your brand and message to an appropriate audience.

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Other Industries

At Universal Sign Systems, we have the production capabilities to respond to the most innovative design concepts and requests. Our graphic design team and sales representatives will strive to create an ideal sign solution for your company and brand. Browse through our photo gallery and see what we can produce for you.

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Featured Project

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

 We recently replaced all the existing signage at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN.  The project consisted of interior projecting and hanging wayfinding signage, exterior illuminated dimensional letters, parking lot directional signage and two 30’ tall illuminated pylon signs.